(a)   Height Limitations. No principal or accessory structure may exceed a height of three stories or thirty-five feet.
   (b)   Business in Enclosed Buildings. All businesses, services and processing activities, including the sale, display, advertisement preparation, and storage of any materials, equipment, trailers or motor vehicles shall be conducted wholly within a completely enclosed building, except as permitted in Chapter 1183 .
   (c)   Production for Sale at Retail. All products produced on the premises, whether primary or incidental, shall be sold at retail primarily on the premises where produced unless prior approval is obtained from the Planning Commission.
   (d)   Uses Must be Non-Objectionable. Processes and equipment employed and goods processed or sold shall be limited to those which are not objectionable by any reason of odor, dust, smoke, cinders, gas, fumes, noise vibration, refuse matter or water carried or hazardous materials.
(Ord. 94-84. Passed 7-9-84.)