Accessory uses, buildings or structures customarily incidental to any aforesaid principal permitted or conditional use shall be permitted in conjunction with such use, including the following:
   (a)   General. Accessory uses permitted and as regulated in the C-1 District.
   (b)   Non-Residential. Accessory uses and structures customarily accessory and incidental to any of the foregoing permitted C-4 non-residential uses including off-street parking facilities subject to Chapter 1183 , however, the parking of motor vehicles in the required twenty-five foot front yard is prohibited in order to preserve natural green space and to encourage parking in the rear of existing buildings.
   (c)   Signs. As regulated and defined in Chapter 1187 and Section 1187.07, especially 1187.07(b) entitled, Neighborhood Business and Commercial Transition District Signs. (Ord. 94-84. Passed 7-9-84.)