The following uses shall be permitted only if expressly authorized by the Planning Commission.
   (a)   Service Type Businesses. Blueprinting, job printing, lithographic services, radio and television telecasting, trade and business schools, restaurants, plumbing shops and electric repair operations.
   (b)   Parking Facilities. Public parking area subject to the provisions of Chapters 1183 and 1189 .
   (c)   Public Utility Facility.
   (d)   Light Manufacturing. Production of goods on a limited basis, done by no more than two people, unless additional people are authorized by the Commission, as a craft or specialty trade and not to be a major production and distribution operation. This may include production of musical and technical instruments, pottery, rugs, clothes, stained and blown glass and any other items which shall constitute a non-objectionable use per Section 1179.04(d).
   (e)   Retail and Service. Any other retail business or service establishment or use which is determined by the Commission to be of the same general character as the above principal permitted uses.
   (f)   Clinic.
      (Ord. 94-16. Passed 10-24-16.)