No building, structure or land shall be erected, altered, enlarged or used which is arranged or designed for other than one of the following uses, except as provided herein and in Chapter 1198.
   (a)   Residential. One family dwellings included rooming and boarding houses and tourist homes.
   (b)   Institutional. Colleges, churches and church schools, libraries, museums, schools, seminaries, art galleries, day care centers and retirement centers.
   (c)   Offices. Dental offices, banks, savings and loans, business and professional offices, government offices, religious and public institution offices, offices of interior decorators, architects and engineers.
   (d)   Retail Businesses. Art and antique shops, art supply stores, dry goods and survival gear sales, furniture and appliance stores, florist, garden supply stores, hardware stores, paint stores, variety and dime stores and mail order stores.
   (e)   Service Type Businesses. Barber shops, beauty parlors, dancing and art studios, drug stores and pharmacies, dry cleaning outlet stores, funeral parlors, paper hanging shops, photographic studios, publishing operations.
      (Ord. 94-16. Passed 10-24-16.)