The following uses shall be permitted only if expressly authorized by the Planning Commission.
   (a)   General. All conditional uses permitted and as regulated in the C-1 District, except as modified herein.
   (b)   Retail and Service. Any other retail business or service establishment or use which is determined by the Commission to be of the same general character as the above principal permitted uses, but not including any use which is first permitted or which is not permitted in the C-3 District.
   (c)   Veterinary Hospital or Clinic. Veterinary hospitals and clinics, excluding any outside kennels, cages, exercise runs or keeping of animals.
   (d)   Drive-thru Facilities. Any establishment with drive-thru facilities as defined in Section 1133.01(29.1) except bank drive-thru facilities which are a principal permitted use.
   (e)   Entertainment. Night clubs, game rooms, theaters, billiard parlors, bowling alleys, teen clubs, taverns and similar enterprises but not within 100 feet of a principal structure located in any A or R District.
   (f)   Motor Vehicle Service Facility. 
   (g)   Clinic. (Ord.  114-19.  Passed 12-2-19.)