No building, structure or land shall be erected, altered, enlarged or used which is arranged or designed for other than one of the following uses, except as provided in Chapter 1198.
   (a)   General. Any use permitted and as regulated in the C-1 District, except as modified herein and except that no residential uses are permitted.
   (b)   Retail and Service. Art and antique shops, artist supply stores, interior decorating shops, furniture and appliance stores, self-service laundries, dry cleaning shops, department stores, variety and dime stores, dry goods and apparel stores, laundry pick-up stores, supermarkets.
   (c)   Office. Business and/or professional offices; office buildings.
   (d)   Bank. Banks, savings and loans and other similar financial organizations with or without drive-through facilities.
   (e)   Restaurants and Fast Food Restaurants. Restaurants and fast food restaurants provided the principal building is distant not less than 100 feet from a principal structure in any A or R District. This subsection does not include drive-through facilities.
   (f)   School and Studio. Trade or business schools provided machinery which is used for instruction purposes is not objectionable due to noise, fumes, smoke, odor or vibrations; photographic studios, dancing studios, radio and telecasting studios and the like.
   (g)   Printing and Related Trade. Publishing, job printing, lithographing and blueprinting, etc.
      (Ord. 114-19.  Passed 12-2-19.)