No building, structure or land shall be erected, altered, enlarged or used which is arranged or designed for other than one of the following uses except as provided herein and in Chapter 1198.
   (a)   General.  Any uses permitted as regulated in the R-1 District as modified herein except that no residential uses are permitted except resident managers in which the residential component is clearly accessory to the business use.
   (b)   Retail and Service.  Any local retail business or service establishment supplying commodities or performing services primarily for residents of the neighborhood on a day-to-day basis, including groceries, garden supply stores, drugstores, barber shops, beauty parlors and clothes cleaning and laundry pick-up stores; but not including motor vehicle service stations.
   (c)   Parking Facilities.  Public Parking areas subject to the provisions of Chapters 1183 and 1189.
   (d)   Funeral Homes.  Funeral parlor or undertaking establishment, provided that any principal or accessory building for such uses shall be located not less than fifty feet from any other lot in any A or R District and provided fully adequate facilities for the storage and parking of vehicles of the establishment, patrons and visitors are provided on the premises.
(e)   Commercial and Noncommercial Recreational Facilities.  Indoor commercial and noncommercial recreational facilities for handball and tennis, racquetball and other racquet sports, and indoor swimming pools, including indoor facilities for individual exercise which are incidental to such primary recreational facilities.  (Ord. 98-10.  Passed 11-8-10.)