1135.02   FILING PLANS.
   (a)   General Requirements. An application for a zoning certificate for one and two-family detached units must be filed with the Building Inspector's office and include preliminary and final development plans for principal and a ccessory building uses which meet the requirements of the zoning district in which they are located. All other applications for zoning certificates shall include both a preliminary and final development plan with the required information identified in subsection (b) hereof for the respective zoning districts in which the property is located. If an applicant so desires he may submit only a final development plan to the Building Inspector's office in order to comply with the requirements for receipt of a zoning certificate per this article.
   (b)   Development Plan Submission Requirements.
(1)   Minimum requirements for preliminary review.
A.   Existing site information.
1.   Vicinity map.
2.   Zoning of property and adjacent property within 200 feet (only for rezonings.)
3.   Adjacent property owners, (for rezoning only).
4.   Boundaries and parcel size.
5.   Contour map five foot intervals.
6.   Existing streets/public right-of-way.
7.   Wooded areas.
8.   Waterways/ponds.
9.   Existing buildings.
B.   Proposed site improvements.
1.   Proposed streets/curb cuts.
2.   Proposed building locations.
3.   Parking areas and walkways.
4.   Utility plan.
5.   Grading drainage plan.
6.   Landscaping/buffering plan.
(2)   Requirements for final review.
A.   Site plan requirements.
1.   Vicinity map.
2.   Site plan (scale between one inch equals thirty feet and one inch equals 100 feet).
3.   Zoning of property.
4.   Name of submitted project.
5.   Owner, engineer, developer, surveyor and architect when applicable.
6.   Surveyor's certification.
7.   Legal boundaries and survey markers.
8.   Contour map five foot intervals with drainage arrows shown (for two percent (2%) slope or less - see subdivision rules and regulations).
9.   Existing streets/public rights-of-way/easements.
10.   Existing buildings.
11.   Waterways/ponds.
12.   Trees six inches in caliper or greater.
13.   Floodways (Federal Insurance Rate Map) data.
14.   Proposed streets/curb cuts.
15.   Off-street parking.
16.   All walkways and bikeways.
17.   Open space/recreational areas.
18.   Screening and buffering materials/dimensions.
19.   Final grade plan.
20.   Utilities plan.
21.   Drainage/ sedimentation/ erosion/ retention/ detention plans where applicable.
22.   Landscaping plan.
23.   Building locations and first floor elevation.
24.   Finished grade at the building corners.
25.   Floor plan square footages for PUD final development plan.
26.   Lot area.
   (c)   Referral of Applications for Zoning Certificates. Except for one and two-family detached dwellings, the application for a zoning certificate shall be forwarded to the Planning Director for review.
   (d)   Building Inspector or Planning Director to Act Within Fourteen Days.
(1)   The Building Inspector in the case of zoning certificates involving one and two-family detached dwellings and the Planning Director in all other applications for zoning certificates shall act upon such applications within fourteen days, not including Saturdays, Sundays or holidays, after the application is filed in full compliance with all the applicable requirements.
(2)   The Building Inspector or the Planning Director shall either issue the zoning certificate within fourteen days, or shall notify the applicant in writing of the refusal of such certificate, the reasons therefor. Such written notice of refusal shall be mailed by regular U.S. mail, delivered to the applicant personally or hand delivered to the applicant's address within the fourteen day period.
(Ord. 167-95. Passed 11-13-95.)
   (e)   Evaluation Standards. The standards by which the preliminary and final development plan requirements are evaluated shall include the following: the Thoroughfare Plan of the City; requirements of the Subdivision Rules and Regulations and the standard construction drawings referenced therein except those requirements which clearly have application only to subdivision of land; any applicable ordinances relative to access and traffic control; any applicable provisions of the Zoning Ordinance; and any other applicable ordinances of the City, as such plans, drawings or ordinances may be amended from time to time. Such plans, drawings and ordinances are referenced herein for their technical content only and any procedural matters included in such plans, drawings or ordinances do not supersede or replace the zoning certificate review procedure outlined in this chapter.
(Ord. 127-03. Passed 8-11-03.)
   (f)   Appeals. An applicant may appeal the decision of the Building Inspector or Planning Director with regard to the Zoning Certificate in accordance with the provisions of Chapter 1137.
   (g)   Certificate of Health Officer. In every case where the lot is not provided and is not proposed to be provided with public water supply and/or the disposal of sanitary wastes by means of public sewers, the application shall be accompanied by a Certificate of Approval by the Butler County Board of Health of the proposed method of water supply and/or disposal of sanitary wastes.
(Ord. 167-95. Passed 11-13-95.)