(a)   Water Mains.
(1)   Minimum size. The minimum size of pipe along subdivision streets shall be eight inches diameter.
(2)   Grading. The standard grading schedule of the American Insurance Association and related agencies should be followed in all cases for purposes of fire protection.
(3)   Sizing. Any departure in sizing shall be justified by hydraulic analysis and future water use and can be considered only in special circumstances.
(4)   Connection to hydrants. Mains not intended to carry fireflows shall not be connected to fire hydrants.
(5)   Dead-ends. Dead-ends shall be minimized by looping of all mains. Where dead-ends occur, they should be provided with a fire hydrant, flushing hydrant or blow-off for flushing purposes.
(6)   Pressure. The system shall be designed to maintain a minimum pressure of twenty pounds per square inch at all points in the proposed distribution system under all conditions of flow.
   (b)   Individual Water Services.
(1)   The developer shall provide each lot with an individual water service.
(2)   The developer shall install the service line in a suitable manner from the water main to the curb box.
(3)   The location of each curb stop shall be clearly marked with a "W" imprinted in the concrete curb, near the top, before the concrete hardens.
A.   The developer shall insure that the curb stops can be operated at all times.
B.   The curb stop box shall be free of mud and debris, straight, lids bolted in place, in good condition and easy to open.
(Ord. 141-83. Passed 9-26-83.)