(a)   Monuments shall be set at the intersection of all lines forming angles in the boundary of the subdivision. Monuments and markers shall be placed so that the marked point shall coincide exactly with the intersections of lines to be marked.
   (b)   Permanent markers shall be set:
(1)   At all points where lot lines intersect curves, either front or rear.
(2)   At all angles in property lines of lots.
(3)   At all other lot corners. Curb may be notched in lieu of front corner markers.
   (c)   Offset permanent marking is permitted should conditions prevent the placing of monuments on line, provided that exact offset courses and distances are accurately shown on the subdivision plat.
   (d)   Monuments shall be of concrete with a minimum size of six inch square by thirty-six inches in length, and shall be marked on top with a steel pin or copper cap set flush with the top of the monument which shall be flush with the ground. See standard drawing in the "Design, Construction and Material Specification Handbook."
(Ord. 141-83. Passed 9-26-83.)