§ 19.08.100  VEGETATION.
   (A)   Wireless communications facilities shall be installed in a manner that maintains and enhances existing vegetation.  Where appropriate, additional landscaping shall be required to provide visual screening of the proposed facility.
   (B)   Vegetation protection and facility screening; shall be accomplished through the following measures.
      (1)   Applications for wireless com- munications facilities shall be accompanied by a landscape plan that shows existing vegetation, indicates any vegetation proposed for removal or trimming, and identifies proposed planting by type, size and location.  The emphasis of the landscape plan should be to visually screen the proposed facility and stabilize soils on sloping sites.  Introduced vegetation shall be native, drought tolerant species compatible with the predominant natural setting of the project area.
      (2)   Existing trees and other screening vegetation in the vicinity of the proposed facility and associated accessways shall be protected from damage both during and after construction.  Submission of a tree protection plan may be required to ensure compliance with this requirement.
      (3)   All vegetation disturbed during project construction shall be replanted with compatible vegetation and soils disturbed by development shall be reseeded to control erosion.
      (4)   No vegetation shall be removed subsequent to project completion, except to comply with local and state fire safety regulations, to prevent the spread of disease as required by the state’s Food and Agriculture Department, or to prevent safety hazards to people and property.
      (5)   The carrier shall enter into a landscape performance and maintenance agreement with the Town of Fairfax to ensure the installation and establishment of required landscaping.  This agreement shall be secured by financial securities in an amount equal to 150 percent of estimates to cover the cost of materials and labor for required improvements. The duration of the landscape maintenance agreement shall be for a minimum period of no less than one year and may be extended for an additional period of up to two additional years upon renewal of the permit applications.
(Prior Code, § 19.03.100)  (Ord. 677, passed - -1999)