§ 19.08.080  LIGHTING.
   Wireless communications facilities should be unlit, except for the following.
   (A)   Mechanically-operated, low wattage, hooded and downward directed exterior lighting shall be permitted for safety purposes only and shall be kept off, except when maintenance or safety personnel are present at night.
   (B)   Tower lighting required under FAA regulations should, to the greatest extent feasible, be shielded or directed to minimize light and glare impacts on nearby properties and residents.
   (C)   Nighttime lighting of warning signs required near publicly accessible facilities must consist of low-wattage fixtures, and must be directed downward and hooded.
   (D)   Applications for wireless communication facilities shall include a detailed lighting plan including the location and type of all exterior lighting fixtures.
(Prior Code, § 19.03.080)  (Ord. 677, passed - -1999)