The Planning Director shall review the application for a certificate of compliance and shall make one of the following determinations based on that review:
   (A)   Issuance. If the parcel is found to comply with all provisions of the Subdivision Map Act and the town regulations, a certificate of compliance shall be issued pursuant to the Cal. Gov’t Code § 66499.35(a); or
   (B)   Conditional issuance. If the parcel does not comply with the provisions of the Subdivision Map Act or town subdivision regulations in effect at the time of its creation or does not comply with current regulations, the parcel shall be found not to comply with state and town regulations and a conditional certificate of compliance which states the conditions required to bring the parcel into compliance shall be issued, pursuant to the Cal. Gov’t Code § 66499.35(b). Conditions may not exceed the requirements at the time the parcel was created. However, if an applicant was the owner of record at the time of the initial violation of the Subdivision Map Act (Act) or of local regulations enacted pursuant to the Act, conditions may be imposed applicable to a current division of property. Fulfillment of all conditions shall be required prior to subsequent issuance of any permit or grant of approval for development of the property.
(Prior Code, § 16.12.040) (Ord. 670, passed - -1998)