An application for a lot line adjustment shall include a site plan and may be accepted only if the following apply:
   (A)   Number of lots. The application approval will not result in more lots than currently exist.
   (B)   Minimum area.
      (1)   The application approval will not result in a parcel that has less area than the minimum lot area required for new parcels by the regulating zone.
      (2)    If a lot is already below the minimum size for its zone, then the lot area shall not be further reduced.
   (C)   Encroachment. The application approval will not result in an encroachment into any public easement, right-of-way or required yard (without a variance).
   (D)   Building and zoning regulations. The application approval will result in conformance with the zoning and building ordinances of the town or will not increase the non-conformance if such already exists.
   (E)   Agreement. Written agreement of all owners of lots whose size or configurations will be affected by the proposed lot line adjustment.
   (F)   Other requirements. All other requirements of this chapter are complied with.
(Prior Code, § 16.11.020) (Ord. 670, passed - -1998)