Petitioners shall file the following when a parcel map is required for reversion to acreage:
   (A)   Tentative map.  A tentative map of the form prescribed by Chapter 16.08 of this title showing the merger of the four or fewer parcels into one parcel;
   (B)   Evidence of title.  Evidence of title to the real property under one ownership;
   (C)   Evidence of consent.  Evidence that all owners of the property consent to the reversion;
   (D)   Evidence of non-use.  Evidence of non-use or lack of necessity of any roads, streets, easements which are to be vacated or abandoned;
   (E)   Delineation of features.  Clear delineation and notation on the parcel map of all roads, streets and easements to be left unaffected after the reversion;
   (F)   Evidence on improvements.  Evidence that no required improvements have been made within two years from the date the final or parcel map was filed for record, or within the time allowed by agreement for completion of the improvements, whichever is later;
   (G)   Evidence of sales.  Evidence of all sales of lots or parcels shown on the final or parcel map that have been made within five years from the date the final or parcel map was filed for record;
   (H)   Parcel map.  A parcel map with the inclusion of all conditions required on the tentative map; and
   (I)   Other information.  Other information as is required by the Planning Director.
(Prior Code, § 16.10.060)  (Ord. 670, passed - -1998)