§ 16.04.070 MONUMENTS.
   Centerline monuments shall be located, identified and inspected as set forth in this section.
   (A)   Location of monuments.
      (1)   Street, alley and way centerline monuments shall be set to mark the intersections of streets, intersections of streets with alleys or ways, intersections of alleys with alleys or ways or at the intersection of any street, alley or way with a tract boundary.
      (2)   Street centerline monuments shall also be set to mark the beginning and end of curves or the points of intersection of tangents thereof.
      (3)   The centerline monuments shall be of not less than three-quarters inch iron pin at least 30 inches long set in the subgrade.
      (4)   A monument box and cover in conformance with town general requirements and improvements shall be set above the monument with top of the box flush with the finish.
   (B)   Alternative locations.
      (1)   In the event that, due to the construction of subdivision improvements or the location of trees or other physical features, the monuments specified above cannot be located at the points specified, a reference monument or monuments shall be set subject to the approval of the Town Engineer.
      (2)   Notes as to the location of the monument or monuments with reference to the referenced point shall be furnished to the Town Engineer.
   (C)   Monument identification. All monuments set as required herein shall be permanently marked or tagged with the registration or license number of the civil engineer or land surveyor under whose supervision the survey was made.
   (D)   Monument inspection. All monuments shall be subject to inspection and approval by the Town Engineer.
(Prior Code, § 16.02.070) (Ord. 670, passed - -1998)