(A)    In the event that any excavation or fill for which a permit has been granted under this chapter is not commenced within six months from the date of issuance of the permit, or in the event that work on the excavation or fill is, at any time, abandoned for a period of six consecutive months, the permit shall automatically terminate, without notice, and no further excavation or fill shall be made; however, the conditions expressed in the permit shall remain binding upon the person to whom the permit was issued, and all legal and equitable remedies shall be available against him or her for any breach thereof.
   (B)   (1)   When the amount of material excavated or filled equals the number of cubic yards authorized by the permit, no further excavation or fill may be made until a new or supplemental permit has been issued.
      (2)   An application for a supplemental permit to continue or enlarge the excavation or fill may be filed, setting forth all the information required in the original application.
      (3)   If the supplemental permit is issued, the applicant shall pay an additional fee in accordance with the schedule of rates referred to in § 12.20.040.
(Prior Code, § 12.20.150)