(A)   (1)   Any permit granted under this chapter may be revoked or suspended by the Superintendent of Streets, for any reason for which the issuance of the permit might lawfully be denied, or for any failure to comply with any of the terms of this chapter or of the permit.
      (2)   Revocation of the permit shall be made only upon a hearing granted to the person to whom the permit was issued, held before the Superintendent of Streets.
      (3)   Written notice, deposited in the United States mail at least five days before the date set for hearing, addressed to the person at his or her business or residence address as stated in his or her application for the permit, shall be sufficient notice.
   (B)   In the event of the revocation or suspension, the applicant may appeal to the Town Council in the manner prescribed in § 12.20.050.
   (C)   If, in the opinion of the Superintendent of Streets, the public health, safety or welfare requires it, the Superintendent of Streets may suspend any permit granted under this chapter, pending the hearing for the revocation of the permit.
   (D)   The revocation or suspension shall be in addition to any other penalties provided in this code.
(Prior Code, § 12.20.140)