Any property owner or commercial tenant contiguous to a public street or right-of-way, portions of which are not being used for vehicular or pedestrian traffic, where the owner has no suitable place on his or her own property or entirely on his or her own property for the erection or construction of a parklet area and/or enclosure, may make application to the Planning and Building Department for permission to erect and maintain a parklet area and/or enclosure within the public sidewalk or the public street or rights-of-way, for the time and under the terms and conditions as the Public Works Director or Building Official will permit. The application shall be accompanied by detailed plans and specifications for the structure, showing the extent to which it encroaches upon any public street or public right-of-way and that it conforms required specifications. Upon filing of the application, the same shall be processed ministerially by the Public Works Director or the Building Official and issued as long as the parklet enclosure complies with the Parklet specifications contained in Town Code Title 5.
(Am. Ord. 869, passed 9-7-2022)