The following regulations apply to food vendors’ foodware accessories:
   (A)   When reusable foodware accessories cannot be used, food vendors shall provide compostable disposable foodware accessories only upon customer request or at self-serve stations. Food vendors offering condiments are encouraged to use dispensers rather than pre-packaged disposable condiment packets.
   (B)   Food vendors and takeout food delivery services must provide options for customers to affirmatively request compostable disposable foodware accessories separate from orders for food and beverages across all ordering/point of sale platforms, including but not limited to web, smartphone and other digital platforms, telephone and in-person. A food vendor or a takeout food delivery service may include compostable lids, spill plugs and sleeves without request for disposable cups for delivery.
   (C)   All food vendors shall provide only upon request or have a small supply at a self-serve station, single use “plastic” straws, to accommodate any person’s access needs. There must be clear signage displaying “plastic straws are available upon request.”
   (D)   If a compostable foodware accessory item is not available, an alternative accessory item made of other materials, except polystyrene, may be substituted.
(Ord. 838, passed 10-2-2019)