A commercial cannabis business permit issued under this chapter is valid only as to the permittee and approved site, and is therefore nontransferable to other persons or locations. A commercial cannabis business permit is not property and has no value. A commercial cannabis business permit may not be transferred, sold, assigned or bequeathed expressly or by operation by law. Any attempt to directly or indirectly transfer a commercial cannabis business permit shall be deemed to constitute a voluntary surrender of such permit and such permit shall therefore be automatically rendered null and void. Except, however, if the permittee is a partnership, corporation, limited liability company or other entity, and one or more of the owners should die, one or more of the surviving owners may acquire, by purchase or otherwise, the interest of the deceased owner without affecting a surrender or termination of such permit and in each case the permittee shall thereafter be deemed to be the surviving owner(s). Additionally, a commercial cannabis business permit may be endorsed to add an additional owner, provided such prospective new owner satisfies the requirements for applicants, including but not limited to, a criminal history check and the qualifications listed in § 5.56.080, as approved by the Town Manager.
(Ord. 835, passed 9-4-2019)