(A)   The Town Manager may suspend or revoke a commercial cannabis business permit if any of the conditions identified in this section exist. On determining that grounds for permit suspension or revocation exist, the Town Manager shall serve the permittee with written notice of the proposed suspension or revocation. The notice shall state the ground or grounds upon which the decision is based, the effective date of the decision, the right of the permittee to appeal the decision to the Town Council, and that the Town Manager's decision will be final if no written appeal is timely submitted to the town in accordance with § 5.56.140. The notice is effective within 15 days from the date of service of the notice. If an appeal is timely and properly filed, then the effective date of the notice is stayed.
   (B)   A permittee is subject to suspension or revocation of the permit, or subject to other appropriate disciplinary action, for any of the following causes arising from the acts or omissions of the permittee, or an employee, volunteer worker, agent, owner, director or manager of a commercial cannabis business:
      (1)   The permittee has made a false, misleading or fraudulent statement or omission of facts in the application for a permit, or in any report or record required to be filed with the city.
      (2)   The commercial cannabis business has been operated as a nuisance, as defined in Fairfax Municipal Code or as defined in state law.
      (3)   A violation of any provision of this chapter, or any other provision of the Municipal Code.
      (4)   There has been one or more violations of state law, including but not limited to violations of MAUCRSA or its implementing regulations.
   (C)   Upon revocation, no new permit may be issued for the applicant or any other business entity in which the applicant is a partner or owner of ten percent or more of the business for a period of five years from the date of revocation.
(Ord. 835, passed 9-4-2019)