(A)   All applications for a commercial cannabis business permit shall be filed with the Town Manager or designee, using forms provided by the town, within the application period that is established by the Town Manager, and which period may be extended from time to time. It is the responsibility of the applicant to provide a complete application and all information required for approval of the permit. The application shall be made under penalty of perjury. At a minimum, each application shall contain:
      (1)   A complete identification of the applicant including name, address and phone number to which notice of action on the application and correspondence is to be mailed;
      (2)   A description of the statutory entity or business form that will serve as the legal structure for the applicant and a copy of its formation and organizing documents, including, but not limited to, articles of incorporation, certificate of amendment, statement of information, articles of association, bylaws, partnership agreement, operating agreement, and fictitious business name statement;
      (3)   Names, residence and business addresses of each and every owner. If one or more owners is a statutory entity or other business form, the name of the entity shall be set forth exactly as shown in its formation and organizing documents together with the names, residence and business addresses of each of the owners and other persons with a financial interest in the entity;
      (4)   The names, residence and business addresses of each and every manager;
      (5)   The name, residence and business address of the owner of the property, who shall indicate in writing his, her or its consent to cannabis business being conducted on the property by signing the application in the space provided;
      (6)   A complete list of every individual who has a financial interest in the commercial cannabis business, who is not an owner, as defined;
      (7)   A site plan, floor plan, and elevations of the property where the business will operate, and indicate whether any exterior building improvements, including façade improvements or exterior signage is proposed. If exterior building improvements or signage is proposed, then compliance with Chapters 17.020 and 17.064 is required, and the applicant shall submit its application for any design review approval and/or sign permits concurrently with the application for the commercial cannabis business permit;
      (8)   An operations plan for the business and the name under which it is to be operated;
      (9)   A traffic study for the proposed location, if a traffic impact permit is required under Chapter 17.056. If required, the applicant shall submit its application for the traffic impact permit concurrently with the application for the commercial cannabis business permit;
      (10)   Evidence of compliance with the California Environmental Quality Act (Cal. Public Resources Code §§21000 et seq.);
      (11)   Whether or not any person referred to in division (A)(1), (3), (4), (5) or (6) has had a license, permit or use permit for the same or any similar business suspended or revoked anywhere, and, if so, the circumstances of such suspension or revocation;
      (12)   The proposed hours of operation;
      (13)   The applicant's certificates of automobile and general commercial liability insurance coverage and evidence of workers' compensation insurance (if required) related to the operation of the commercial cannabis business;
      (14)   An executed release of liability and indemnity agreement in the form set forth by the town; and
      (15)   Such other related information or documentation consistent with this Code and state law as the Town Manager may require.
The residential addresses required in divisions (A) (3), (4) and (5), as well as the name(s) of managers listed in division (A)(4), shall be kept private and not made available to the public.
   (B)   An application shall be accompanied by an application review fee, as established by resolution of the Town Council from time to time. This application review fee shall not include fingerprinting, photographing, and background check costs and shall be in addition to any other business license fee or other charge imposed by this Code or other governmental agencies.
(Ord. 835, passed 9-4-2019)