§ 5.55.070  CIVIL REMEDIES.
   (A)   Injunctive relief. Any aggrieved person may enforce the provisions of this chapter by means of a civil injunctive action. Any person who commits, or proposes to commit, an act in violation of this chapter may be enjoined therefrom by any court of competent jurisdiction. An action for injunction under this section may be brought by any aggrieved person, by county counsel, the district attorney, or by any person or entity which will fairly and adequately represent the interests of the protected class.
   (B)   Civil liability. Any person who violates any of the provisions of this chapter or who aids in the violation of any provisions of this chapter is liable for, and the court must award to the individual whose rights are violated, three times the amount of special and general damages. The court may award in addition thereto not less than $200 but not more than $400, together with attorney’s fees, costs of action, and punitive damages. Civil actions filed pursuant to this section must be filed within one year of the events giving rise to the alleged cause of action.
(Ord. 830, passed 5-1-2019)