(A)   No landlord may do any of the following in bad faith, with ulterior motive, or without honest
      (1)   Interrupt, fail to provide, or threaten to interrupt or fail to provide any housing service under a lease or rental agreement, including but not limited to utility services and other amenities and services agreed to by contract;
      (2)   Fail to perform repairs or maintenance required by contract or by state, town,  or county housing, health, or safety laws;
      (3)   Fail to exercise due diligence to complete repairs and maintenance once undertaken, including the failure to follow industry-appropriate safety standards and protocols;
      (4)   Abuse or otherwise improperly use landlord’s right to access the property;
      (5)   Remove personal property of the tenant(s) from the dwelling unit;
      (6)   Influence or attempt to influence the tenant(s) to vacate the unit by means of fraud, intimidation, or coercion (including but not limited to threats based on immigration status in violation of Cal. Civil Code § 1940.3;
      (7)   Offer payment or any other consideration, in return for the tenant(s) vacating the dwelling unit, more often than once every six months;
      (8)   Threaten the tenant(s) by word or gesture with physical harm;
      (9)   Interfere with the tenant(s) right to quiet use and enjoyment of the dwelling unit;
      (10)   Refuse to accept or acknowledge receipt of lawful rent from the tenant(s);
      (11)   Interfere with the tenant(s) right to privacy;
      (12)   Request information that violates the tenant(s) right to privacy;
      (13)   Other repeated acts or omissions of such significance as to substantially interfere with or disturb the tenant(s) comfort, repose, peace, or quiet enjoyment, and that cause, are likely to cause, or are intended to cause the tenant(s) to vacate the dwelling unit; or
      (14)   Retaliate against the tenant(s) for the tenant(s) exercise of rights under this chapter or state or federal law.
   (B)   Nothing in this § 5.55.060 prohibits the lawful eviction of a tenant in accordance with Cal. Civil Code § 1946.1 or by any other appropriate legal means.
(Ord. 830, passed 5-1-2019)