(A)   Renewal of license. A tobacco retailer's license is invalid if the appropriate license fee has not been timely paid in full or if the term of the license has expired. The term of a tobacco retailer license is one calendar year. Each tobacco retailer shall apply for the renewal of his or her tobacco retailer's license and submit the license fee no later than November 30 of each year.
   (B)   Expiration of license. A tobacco retailer's license that is not timely renewed shall expire on December 31 of each year. To renew a license not timely renewed pursuant to subparagraph (A), above, the proprietor must:
      (1)   Submit the license fee and the renewal form; and
      (2)   Submit a signed affidavit affirming that the proprietor has not sold and will not sell any tobacco product or tobacco paraphernalia after the license expiration date and before the license is renewed.
(Ord. 814, passed 12-6-2017)