(A)   Application for a tobacco retailer's license shall be submitted in the name of each proprietor proposing to conduct or conducting retail tobacco sales, and shall be signed by each proprietor or an authorized agent thereof.
      (1)   It is the responsibility of each proprietor to be informed regarding all laws applicable to tobacco retailing, including those laws affecting the issuance of a tobacco retailer's license. No proprietor may rely on the issuance of a license as a determination by the Town that the proprietor has complied with all laws applicable to tobacco retailing. A license issued contrary to this section, contrary to any other law, or on the basis of false or misleading information supplied by a proprietor shall be revoked pursuant to § 8.44.290. Nothing in this article shall be construed to vest in any person obtaining and maintaining a tobacco retailer's license any status or right to act as a tobacco retailer in contravention of any provision of law.
      (2)   All applications shall be submitted on a form supplied by the department and shall contain the following information:
         (a)   The name, address, and telephone number of each proprietor of the business seeking a license.
         (b)   The business name, address, and telephone number of the single fixed location for which a license is sought.
         (c)   A single name and mailing address authorized by each proprietor to receive all communications and notices (the "authorized person and address") required by, authorized by, or convenient to the enforcement of this section. If an authorized person and address is not supplied, each proprietor shall be understood to consent to the provision of notice at the business address specified in subparagraph (b) above.
         (d)   Proof that the location for which a tobacco retailer's license is sought has been issued a valid state tobacco retailer's license by the California Board of Equalization.
         (e)   Such other information as the department deems necessary for the administration or enforcement of this article as specified on the application form required by this section.
   (B)   A licensed tobacco retailer shall inform the department in writing of any change in the information submitted on an application for a tobacco retailer's license within ten business days of any change.
   (C)   Tobacco retailers in existence on the effective date enforcement date specified in § 8.44.310 shall apply for a license within 90 days after said enforcement date.
(Ord. 814, passed 12-6-2017)