(A)   The town hereby prohibits the installation of SmartMeters or related equipment.  No SmartMeter may be installed in or on any home, apartment, condominium or business in the town, and no equipment related to SmartMeters may be installed in, on, under, or above any public street or public right- of-way.
   (B)   Violations of this chapter may be charged as infractions or misdemeanors as set forth in § 1.08.010 of this code or as administrative citations as set forth in Chapter 1.10 of this code, in the discretion of the town.  In addition, violations shall be deemed public nuisances, with enforcement by injunction or any other remedy authorized by law.
   (C)   The Town Manager is hereby authorized to direct all town departments, including the Town Attorney, to facilitate compliance with the purpose and intent of this chapter using the enforcement powers described in the preceding paragraph.
(Ord. 775, passed 2-5-2014)