(A)   Any person or entity whatever, including the town, or agent or employee of any such person, desiring to remove or alter one or more trees on any parcel in the town, shall apply, in writing, to the Director for permission to remove or alter the particular tree or trees. The application shall describe the number, location, and species of the tree(s) to be removed or altered and a brief statement of the reason for removal or alteration, as well as such other pertinent information as required by the Director. The application shall be accompanied by the applicable filing fee as set by resolution of the Town Council, and shall be submitted to the Director, who will then submit it to the Committee. The Director shall inform the applicant of the date of the Committee hearing.
   (B)   At the time of submitting the application to the Director, the applicant shall clearly mark each tree to be considered for removal with a bright colored ribbon. Where applicable and feasible, the perimeter outline of proposed buildings, and all underground utilities, drainage facilities, areas to be graded and retaining walls, shall be staked on the building site. Notice shall be posted on the property pursuant to §8.36.055 of this chapter. The Committee may inspect the premises. Refusal to allow the inspection of the premises may result in denial of the permit.
(Ord. 743, passed 7-1-2009)