(A)   The Tree Advisory Committee shall consist of one member of the Parks and Recreation Commission, one member of the Planning Commission, and one member of the Open Space Committee to be selected by their respective bodies, and two at-large members to be appointed by the Town Council; provided, however, the Town Council may appoint additional at-large members to serve at the pleasure of the Council in the event one or more of the above-referenced bodies do(es) not select one of its members to serve on the Tree Advisory Committee within 30 days of a vacancy or other failure to appoint a member. Should one of the above-referenced bodies wish to appoint a member after the Council has appointed the additional at-large member, the appointment shall be made pursuant to the Council's adopted Committee Interview and Appointment policy. Terms of all at-large members of the Tree Committee shall be established by the Town Council by resolution.
   (B)   The Tree Committee shall receive subdivision or development project applications that propose tree removals or alterations in the same manner that the town routes application to other affected agencies. The Tree Committee will provide recommendations to the decision-making body on the applications within 30 days.
(Ord. 743, passed 7-1-2009; Am. Ord. 789, passed 5-6-2015; Am. Ord. 822, passed 11-7-2018; Am. Ord. 850, passed 2-3-2021)