(A)   Whenever it appears to the Town Manager that the licensee is conducting bingo games in violation of any of the provisions of this chapter, or that the license was obtained by fraudulent representation, the license may be revoked; provided that, the licensee may appear before the Town Manager, at the time fixed by the Town Manager, for the purpose of presenting evidence why the license should not be revoked.  No license shall be revoked under this section unless written notice shall have first been given at least five days before the hearing thereof by depositing in the United States Mail a notice directed to the licensee at the address given in the application.  The notice shall set forth a summary of the grounds advanced as the basis of the revocation.
   (B)   Any organization whose license is revoked under this section shall not conduct any bingo game in the town until such time as the Town Council, on appeal, determines to overrule the decision of the Town Manager.
(Prior Code, § 5.32.070)