Only the following types of wireless communication towers and/or antennas and/or equipment shelters are permitted under this chapter:
   (a)   A wireless communication antenna attached to a permitted institutional, recreational, public utility, office, industrial or commercial building or structure, provided the antenna does not exceed 20 feet above the highest point of the structure, and provided, further, that the transmission and receiving equipment, where feasible, is stored inside the existing building or structure or on the roof in an enclosure. The foregoing does not preclude the use of small PCS base stations and repeaters on the sides of buildings or utility poles or in ground-mounted pedestals.
   (b)   A wireless communication monopole or lattice tower not more than 200 feet in height above the finished grade, unless a lesser height is technically feasible to service the geographical service area of the applicant and the transmission and receiving equipment is stored inside a building constructed for that purpose. All applicants shall be required to construct or locate on a base tower structure and structure foundation that are designed to be buildable up to 200 feet above the finished grade. Such structure shall be designed to have sufficient structural capacity to allow for five providers to be located on the structure when constructed to the maximum allowable height.
   (c)   Equipment Shelters.
      (1)   The maximum cumulative total size of all equipment shelters accessory to a wireless telecommunications tower or antenna on a lot shall be 750 square feet and their maximum height shall not exceed 15 feet above the approved grade at the site for an equipment shelter with a pitched roof and a maximum height of ten feet above the approved grade at the site for an equipment shelter with a flat roof. Only one equipment shelter, or the configuration of more than one equipment shelter constructed to appear that there is only one equipment shelter shall be compatible as to architecture design and materials with the principal building on the lot, if any. Where it is technically feasible and reasonably practical, an existing building or structure on a lot shall be used to shelter the equipment associated with a wireless telecommunication facility.
      (2)   Underground equipment shelters are encouraged, and may be mandated by the Planning and Zoning Commission where technically feasible.
(Ord. 41-1997.  Passed 2-18-97; Eff. 3-18-97; Ord. 119-2004.  Passed 6-21-04; Ord. 15-2017.  Passed 2-21-17.)