As used in this title, the following words and terms shall have the meanings ascribed to them in this section:
BUILDING CONTRACTOR: A person, firm, or corporation who, in the pursuit of any independent business, undertakes to do a specific piece of work for other persons, using his own means and methods and who renders service in the course of an independent occupation representing the will of his employer only as to the result of his work and not as a means by which it is accomplished. This definition shall include all building trades such as, but not limited to, general, carpenters, electrical, plumbing, roofing, mechanical, sheetmetal and excavating contractors.
BUSINESS: Employment, occupation, profession, or commercial activity engaged in for profit.
BUSINESS ESTABLISHMENT: All structures used for sale or production of goods or services for profit.
COIN OPERATED GAMES: Any pinball game, video game, or other game designed to be displayed where the public may play the game on depositing a coin, coins, or tokens in the machine.
Game Arcade: Any place where coin operated games are displayed for use by the public, whether or not another business is conducted on the premises.
Video Game: A game using computer technology and a type of video display.
Video Game Arcade: Any place where four (4) or more video games or coin operated games of any kind are displayed for use by the public, whether or not another business is conducted on the same premises.
HOME INDUSTRIES: A trade, occupation, or profession for profit in the confines of a residential dwelling provided it is a secondary use of the dwelling and employs only family members. There shall be no outward signs or display of the profession.
MANUFACTURING: The process of making goods, by machinery or by other method; the production of articles for use from raw or prepared materials by giving such materials new forms, qualities, properties, or combinations.
NONPROFIT ORGANIZATIONS: Any group which is religious, charitable, social, educational, recreational, or scientific which does not contemplate the distribution of pecuniary gains, profit, or dividends to the members thereof and that pecuniary profit is not the object of the group.
PERSON: An individual or a corporation, firm, partnership, association, or business entity.
TRANSPORTATION FIRMS: Transportation for hire, while engaged in intracity, interurban, or intercity transporting of persons, freight, commodities, or any other type of goods or refuse.
UTILITIES: Utility services falling within the following listed categories: electric power, natural gas, telephone and any other public utility not otherwise classified in this title, which is regulated by the public service commission.
VEHICLE: Every device in, upon, or by which persons or property are or may be transported upon a public way. (Prior Code §§ 5.04.010 – 5.04.110)