A.   Number Of Members: The membership of the town planning board shall consist of seven (7) members to be appointed as follows:
      1.   One member to be appointed by the town commission from its membership;
      2.   One member to be appointed by the town commission, who may, in the discretion of the town commission, be an employee or hold public office in the town or county.
      3.   One member to be appointed by the mayor upon the designation by the county commissioners; and
      4.   Four (4) citizen members to be appointed by the mayor, two (2) of whom shall be resident freeholders within the urban area, if any, outside of the town limits over which the planning board has jurisdiction under this chapter and two (2) of whom shall be resident freeholders within the town limits.
   B.   Certification: The town clerk-treasurer shall certify members appointed by the commission. The certificate shall be sent to and become part of the records of the planning board. The mayor shall make similar certification for the appointment of citizen members.
   C.   Commission Member:
      1.   Term: The term of the member of the town commission appointed to the planning board shall be coextensive with the term of office to which he/she has been elected or appointed unless the commission, at its first regular meeting of each year, appoints another to serve as its representative or unless his/her term is terminated as hereinafter provided.
      2.   Vacancies: The town commission shall fill any vacancy occurring in its prospective membership on the planning board.
   D.   County Representative: The board of county commissioners may designate a representative of the county to the mayor for appointment to the planning board. This representative may be a member of the board of county commissioners or an office holder or an employee of the county. In the event of the failure of the county to so designate a member, the mayor may appoint a person of his/her own choosing and at his sole discretion as the representative of the county.
   E.   Citizen Members:
      1.   Qualifications: Citizen members of the planning board shall be qualified by knowledge and experience of matters pertaining to development of the office and hold no other office in the town government.
      2.   Removal: Any citizen appointee may be removed from office by a majority vote of the town commission. (Ord. 97, 2-13-1992; amd. 2003 Code)