A.   Vacancy Established:
      1.   The office of mayor shall become vacant upon his/her death, resignation, removal from office by any method authorized by law, or forfeiture of his/her office.
      2.   The mayor shall forfeit his/her office if he/she:
         a.   Loses his/her eligibility for election to his/her position.
         b.   Violates any expressed prohibition of the charter.
         c.   Without commission approval, fails to attend two (2) consecutive regularly scheduled meetings or absences himself/herself from the town continuously for thirty (30) days without consent of the commission.
         d.   Is convicted of a felony or other offense involving moral turpitude. (Prior Code § 2.02.040)
   B.   Filling Of Vacancy: In the event of a vacancy, the commission shall, by majority vote, appoint a person eligible to hold the mayor position to fill the vacancy until the next regular town election at which time the remainder of the term shall be filled as provided by law. (Prior Code § 2.02.060)