A.   Established: This fund was established in conjunction with the passage of the Public Safety Sales Tax in 2001, to allow the retention of monies and interest for both capital expenditures and future operations over successive fiscal years to facilitate the long term planning for the Fire Department and provide consistent funding that is not as dependent on short term economic conditions.
   B.   Funding: The Fire Department Governmental Fund receives one- half (1/2) of the Public Safety Sales Tax. A minimum of thirty percent (30%) annually of the Fire Department Public Safety Sales Tax revenues are reserved and designated for capital expenditures. All operational costs, including personnel services, contractual services, maintenance and operations, are provided by the current Public Safety Sales Tax revenues and additional General Fund revenues as required for the efficient operation of the department subject to the annual budgetary review and approval process. Capital expenditure is defined for the purpose of this section as an expenditure of ten thousand dollars ($10,000.00) or more for equipment (durable in nature), vehicles, buildings or land. Architectural or engineering services related to a capital project are considered a capital expenditure. (Ord. 2019-04, 3-5-2019)