A.   Required: Any person who constructs any street, sidewalk, sanitary or storm sewer or water line which will be dedicated to the public shall, before the City shall accept such improvement, execute a bond running to the benefit of the City in an amount equal to the replacement cost of the improvement. Such bond shall be conditioned to indemnify the City for all expenses incurred by it in maintaining or repairing such improvement due to defects in construction, design or workmanship:
      1.   In the case of streets, sidewalks and storm sewers, for a period of one year after acceptance by the City.
      2.   In the case of sanitary sewers or water lines, for a period of five (5) years after acceptance.
   B.   Exception: The provisions of subsection A of this section shall not apply to improvements in subdivisions which are regulated by the subdivision regulations of the City. (1994 Code § 2-6)