A.   Public Improvements: The City hereby defines its policy to be that the City will withhold all public improvements of whatsoever nature, including the maintenance of streets and the furnishing of sewerage facilities and water service from all subdivisions which have not been approved, and from all areas dedicated to the public which have not been accepted by the City, in the manner prescribed herein.
   B.   Revision Of Plat After Approval: No changes, erasures, modifications, or revisions shall be made in any plat of a subdivision after approval has been given by the Planning Commission and endorsed in writing on the plat, unless the said plat is first resubmitted to the Planning Commission.
   C.   Filing Fees:
      1.   Preliminary Plat: The subdivider shall pay a filing fee of fifty dollars ($50.00) for every preliminary plat submitted to the Planning Commission for approval.
      2.   Final Plat: The fee shall be one hundred dollars ($100.00) for every final plat submitted to the Planning Commission for approval. (Ord. 98-25, 9-1-1998)