As used in this title, the following terms shall have the meanings ascribed to them in this section:
BLOCK: A parcel of land, intended to be used for urban purposes, which is entirely surrounded by public streets, highways, railroad rights of way, public walks, parks or greenspace, rural land or drainage channels or a combination thereof.
BUILDING LINE OR SETBACK LINE: A line or lines denoting the area within which buildings or structures may be erected.
CITY: The city of Enid, Garfield County, Oklahoma.
CITY COMMISSION: The mayor and board of commissioners, the governing body of the city of Enid.
COMPREHENSIVE PLAN: A comprehensive plan prepared by the planning commission which indicates the general locations recommended for the various functional classes of public works, places and structures and for the general physical development of the city and includes any unit or part of such plan separately adopted and any amendment to such plan or parts thereof.
EASEMENT: A grant by the property owner to the public, a corporation, or persons, of the use of a strip of land for specific purposes.
LAND USE PLAN: The map established by the city showing the streets, highways and parks theretofore laid out, adopted and established by law, and any amendments thereto adopted by the city or additions thereto resulting from the approval of subdivision plats by the planning commission and the subsequent filing of such approved plats.
LOT: Any plot of land occupied or intended to be occupied by one building, or a group of buildings, and its buildings and uses, including such open space as required by this title or other laws or regulations, and having its principal frontage on a street.
LOT, CORNER: A lot of which at least two (2) adjacent sides abut for their full lengths on a street; provided, that the interior angle at the intersection of such sides is less than one hundred thirty five degrees (135°).
LOT, DOUBLE FRONTAGE: A lot which runs through a block from street to street and which has two (2) nonintersecting sides abutting on two (2) or more streets.
OWNER: Any individual, firm, association, syndicate, copartnership, corporation, trust or any other legal entity having sufficient proprietary interest in the land sought to be subdivided to commence and maintain proceedings to subdivide the same under this title.
PLANNING COMMISSION: The metropolitan area planning commission of the city.
PLAT, FINAL: A map of land subdivision prepared in a form suitable for filing of record, with necessary affidavits, dedications and acceptances, and with complete bearings and dimensions of all lines defining lots, and blocks, streets, alleys, public areas and other divisions of land.
PLAT, PRELIMINARY: A map of a proposed land subdivision showing the character and proposed layout of the tract in sufficient detail to indicate the suitability of the proposed subdivision of land.
SIDEWALKS: Accessible pathways intended for pedestrian traffic only.
STORM FREQUENCY OR Q: A stormwater flow determination based upon full development discharge, unless otherwise noted.
Alley: A minor right of way, dedicated to public use, which gives a secondary means of vehicular access to the back or side of properties otherwise abutting a street, and which may be used for public utility purposes.
Arterial Street: An arterial street especially designated for through traffic, entrance into which, at intersections, is or may be limited by requiring all entering vehicles to be brought to a complete stop.
Collector Street: A street which carries traffic from minor streets to arterial streets, including the principal entrance streets of a residential development and streets for circulation within such a development.
Cul-De-Sac Or "Dead End Street": A minor street with only one outlet.
Limited Access Street Or Frontage Road: The auxiliary service road located and running parallel to the arterial highways.
Minor Collector Street: A street that carries traffic from minor streets to collector streets.
Minor Or Local Street: A street used primarily for access to the abutting properties.
Street: Any public right-of-way which affords the primary means of vehicular access to abutting property or provides for the movement of vehicular traffic through or adjacent to the subdivision.
Street Roadway: That portion of the street available for vehicular traffic, and, where curbs are laid, the portion from face to face of curbs.
Street Width: The length of the shortest distance between the lines delineating the right-of-way.
SUBDIVIDER: Any individual, firm, association, syndicate, copartnership, corporation, trust or any other legal entity commencing proceedings under this title to effect a subdivision of land hereunder for himself or for another.
SUBDIVISION: Any division of land into two (2) or more lots, parcels, tracts, or areas, any one of which, when divided, has an area of less than ten (10) acres, or any division of land involving the vacation or dedication or right-of-way or alignment of an existing or proposed street or highway or public utility easement, or the resubdivision of land heretofore divided into lots, sites or parcels. The term includes resubdivision and, when appropriate to the context, shall relate to the process of subdividing or to the land subdivided. (Ord. 2009-09, 4-7-2009)