Wireless telecommunication towers are not permitted in the R-1, R-2, R-3, R-4 or mixed urban residential zoning district with the exception of a property with an institutional or public use (e.g., church, school, utility, government building). However, antennas attached to existing buildings or structures are permitted with an SUP. In applying for a permit in any of these zones for an antenna, the applicant must present substantial evidence as to why it is not technically feasible to locate in a nonresidential zone. The evidence used shall be provided in accordance with subsection 9-21-5G of this chapter. Once those efforts have been exhausted, a telecommunication antenna may be located in a residential zone subject to the following standards:
   A.   The antenna shall be fully automated and attended only for necessary maintenance.
   B.   When attached to a building that is a permitted use in the zoning district, the following conditions shall be met:
      1.   The maximum height of the antenna above the existing building shall be twenty five feet (25').
      2.   Any equipment enclosure shall comply with the minimum building setbacks of the underlying zone.
      3.   The maximum size of the equipment enclosure shall be three hundred fifty (350) square feet.
      4.   Vehicular access to the antenna and/or enclosure shall not cause any interference with the parking or vehicular circulation for the principal use.
      5.   If applicable, evidence that the antenna is in compliance with any applicable covenants, conditions and restrictions must be submitted with the application. (Ord. O2012-8, 9-11-2012)