Wireless telecommunication facilities proposed within the commercial (C), industrial (I), or public (P) zoning districts are subject to the following standards:
   A.   Minimum Lot Size: The minimum lot size shall be the minimum area needed to accommodate the telecommunication facility use plus the area needed to comply with all screening and landscape requirements of this chapter.
   B.   Maximum Height: The maximum tower height shall be one hundred feet (100') unless an exception is granted by the city council after a public hearing. The maximum equipment enclosure height shall be fifteen feet (15').
   C.   Permitted On Property With Existing Use: A wireless telecommunication facility is permitted on a property with an existing use. The existing use on the property may be any permitted use in the district or any legal nonconforming use and need not be affiliated with the provider. (Ord. O2012-8, 9-11-2012)