All new and remodeled commercial, industrial and public structures within the Emmett area of city impact are subject to new building design standards, outlined in section IV of the design manual. No new construction, exterior remodeling, or other significant changes to existing structures shall be performed unless said construction or changes comply with the requirements of the design manual and/or are approved by the design review board. Exterior paint colors must comply with certain color and finish standards. As outlined in section I of the design manual, certain construction activities are subject to review by the design review board and other activities are administratively reviewed. A design review application must be submitted for certain construction and building activities. An appeal period and process is established. Standards administered include building orientation and setbacks, building style and character, building height, bulk, facade modulation and dimension, building materials and colors, entrances, roof design and materials, window size, shape and location, awning design and service area standards. New sign standards must be followed for buildings in the historic central business district. (Ord. O2013-8, 12-17-2013)