A.   Due Date; Notice Of Termination: On the sixteenth day succeeding the mailing of any sewer bill, or in the event the sixteenth day falls on a holiday, Saturday, or Sunday, then on the next succeeding working day, all charges to that date, whether or not billed, and all charges accrued for sewer services are deemed due and payable. If charges are not paid by that date, the city clerk shall mail a notice to the legal owner or the applicant for service and the occupant at the address receiving service that the sewer service will be terminated on a specific date, which date shall be ten (10) days after the date of mailing of such delinquent notice.
   B.   Request For Appearance: The owner or applicant applying for service or occupant of the premises may request to present his position concerning termination of sewer services to the board and the board's action will be final.
   C.   Failure To Appear: Failure of the owner, customer or occupant to appear before the board after having requested such right, as provided above, will cause the sewer service to be terminated on the next working day.
   D.   Lien: On the date of termination of sewer services, or any date thereafter, the city clerk may cause to be filed with the county recorder a statement of the amount due and unpaid for sewer services and a description of the property to which the services were rendered to perfect a lien against the property.
   E.   Notice To Discontinue Service: Upon vacating the premises, all customers desiring to discontinue sewer service shall notify the sewer department two (2) days prior to vacating the premises. Unless discontinuance of service is ordered, the customer shall be liable for charges whether or not the sewer is used. (Ord. 453, 11-29-1990)