10-1-3-10: PRETREATMENT:
   A.   Required: Any discharge matter which may be made to comply with the discharge standards herein contained may be discharged into the sewer system provided it is treated prior to discharge (pretreatment) thereby bringing it into compliance with the declared standards.
   B.   Pretreatment Plans: Such pretreatment plans shall be understood to include grease traps, chemical or biochemical plants, sedimentation chambers and any other devices which effect a change of any nature in the characteristics of the matter being treated. Any and all such devices and equipment shall be:
      1.   Subject to the approval of the department.
      2.   Issued a written permit of approval issued by the department prior to operation.
      3.   Provided with all necessary features of construction to permit inspection of operations and testing of material passing through them.
      4.   Open to the inspection of the department at any time.
   C.   Alternative To Pretreatment: The producer, in lieu of the treatment of said sewage as hereinabove provided for, may, with the prior written approval of the department, discharge said sewage, waste, or other matter into said sewage system, subject to the provisions of this chapter and subject to the payment of the additional cost of the treatment hereof as hereinafter provided. (Ord. 453, 11-29-1990)