Prior to the introduction of any material which may reasonably be expected to threaten public safety effluent water quality, the physical integrity of the plant or any section of this chapter or of state or federal regulations, the department shall be apprised of such proposed discharge and, upon analysis, shall issue conditional approval permits or prohibition within twenty one (21) days. The department shall have responsibility for instituting and/or completing such analysis, assigning costs for such analysis and issuing permits. The fact that any matter has been discharged into the sewer system prior to the passage of this chapter or subsequent thereto, but without any objection from the department, does not constitute a valid right to so discharge such matter. If, upon discovery that matter being discharged into the sewer does not conform to the requirements of this chapter, the department may stop the discharge of such matter into the sewer system. (Ord. 453, 11-29-1990)