A.   Conditions For Refusal: The sewer department may refuse to serve an applicant for service under the following conditions:
      1.   If the applicant fails to comply with any of the provisions of this chapter.
      2.   If the intended use of the service is of such a nature that it will be detrimental or injurious to existing customers.
      3.   If, in the judgment of the sewer department, the applicant's installation for utilizing the service is unsafe or hazardous, or subject to freezing, or of such nature that satisfactory service cannot be rendered.
      4.   Where service has been discontinued for fraudulent use, the sewer department will not serve an applicant until it has determined that all conditions of fraudulent use or practice have been corrected.
      5.   If, in the judgment of the sewer department, there is insufficient capacity to serve the applicant.
   B.   Notification To Applicant: When an applicant is refused service under the provisions of this chapter, the sewer department will notify the applicant that he may appeal the decision of the sewer department to the board. (Ord. 453, 11-29-1990)