10-1-3-2: SEWER SERVICE:
   A.   Applications:
      1.   Content: Each applicant for sewer service shall be required to sign, on a form provided by the sewer department, an application which shall set forth:
         a.   Date.
         b.   Location of premises to be served, giving street address and description of property to be served.
         c.   Applicant's name and mailing address and the name and mailing address of the legal owner of the premises.
         d.   Purpose for which the property will be used (residential, commercial, apartments, etc.).
         e.   Person and address to which the monthly bills are to be mailed.
         f.   The date the applicant will be ready for sewer service.
         g.   The name of the contracting or plumbing agency that will be hooking the premises to the city sewer system (new connections).
         h.   If the applicant is not the legal owner of the property, the applicant shall provide written evidence of authorization to apply for service from the legal owner of the property.
      2.   Purpose: The application is merely a written request for service and does not bind the applicant to take service for any period of time, nor does it bind the city to serve except under reasonable conditions.
      3.   Responsibility: The legal owner is responsible for the payment of all sewer charges at the premises for which an application is made. Only the legal owner of the premises may request termination of sewer service or a change in the person or address to which the monthly sewer bill is to be sent. The legal owner is also responsible to ensure that the dwelling being serviced has the street number on the building visible from the street, and that the street number matches the address given to the sewer utility.
   B.   Change In Customer's Fixtures, Equipment Or Operations: A customer making any change in the size, character or extent of the equipment or operations for which the service is utilized shall immediately file with the sewer department a new application for additional service.
   C.   Sewer Service Laterals: All sewer service laterals shall be constructed and maintained by the property owner in accordance with sewer department standards, rules and regulations. (Ord. 453, 11-29-1990)