In case there shall be, in the opinion of the Fire Official, a danger to life and property from the hazards of fire and explosion arising from the storage, handling or use of hazardous substances, materials and devices, or from conditions hazardous to life or property in the use and/or occupancy of buildings or premises, the Fire Official shall secure the necessary labor and machinery, equipment and devices and cause the necessary work to be done to render occupants and property temporarily safe, whether or not the procedures prescribed in this section are implemented.
   (A)   Where practical and time constraints permit, the owner, occupant or other person in control of the area where the dangerous condition exists shall be notified of the dangerous condition and shall have the option of making the condition safe.
   (B)   If necessary to preserve the health, welfare and safety of the general public, the district shall take all necessary and proper action to remove or mitigate the dangerous condition or emergency, including engaging contractors at a fee. The owner, occupants and other persons in control of the area where the dangerous condition exists shall be jointly and severally liable for any costs incurred by the district in connection with the district’s removal or mitigation of the dangerous condition.
   (C)   The Fire Official of the Elwood Fire Protection District shall cause proper action to be taken against the owner of the premises, and the occupants if different from the owners, for the recovery costs incurred by the Elwood Fire Protection District in the performance of its duties under this section.
(Ord. 608, passed 5-1-2000)