(A)   Rental fees are charges for the full amount of time used, including set-up, decorating and tear down. Groups may not enter the building prior to agreed upon rental time. Groups renting a park building must remove their equipment and belongings by the end of the agreed-upon rental time or an additional fee will be charged.
   (B)   The Park Department will set up tables and chairs in advance, provided a layout plan is submitted by the renter to the Park Department office at Village Hall no later than 21 days before the event. One chaperone over the age of 21 years must be provided for every ten minors.
   (C)   All village buildings have a no smoking policy.
   (D)   Buildings may be viewed in advance of renting. Call 815-423-5011 for more information.
   (E)   All groups reserving a park building must designate an authorized representative who will be present for the entire event and sign a waiver release form, which includes a hold harmless clause and an agreement to be responsible for cleanup and possible damages.
   (F)   Groups are responsible for placing all trash in garbage cans provided or removing it from the building. The building should be left in equal or better condition than it was found before the event. If not, the Park Department reserves the right to retain from the deposit the amount of costs incurred by the village. Any additional costs will be billed to the responsible person.
   (G)   The Park Department will be responsible for cleaning the floors and taking down the tables and chairs.
(Ord. 855, passed 2-21-2007)