(A)   Special insurance and a Park and Recreation Department permit are required and additional security may be required for special events that include any of the following:
      (1)   Consumption of alcoholic beverages;
      (2)   Groups over 250;
      (3)   Leagues;
      (4)   Non-routine or high risk activities;
      (5)   Use of equipment or activities that may cause injury;
      (6)   Subject to review by the Village Administrator or his or her designee.
   (B)   Groups or individuals providing insurance are required to:
      (1)   Submit a certificate of insurance to the village no later than 21 days before the event;
      (2)   Name the village as an additional insured;
      (3)   Specify the date, park/facility and nature of the event on the insurance certificate;
      (4)   State on the insurance certificate that host liquor liability is part of coverage (if alcoholic beverages will be served);
      (5)   Obtain $1,000,000 minimum general liability coverage (combined single limit).
(Ord. 855, passed 2-21-2007; Am. Ord. 961, passed 4-21-2010)